Introducing VariPanel™ Systems by TitanTek™

These innovative architectural metal panel solutions offer a versatile and customizable approach to architectural metal cladding design. VariPanel systems consist of a collection of multiple metal panels within a family of like profiles that can be easily interchanged, allowing for endless possibilities in creating unique and visually-appealing facades.

The VariPanel™ Solution

With the VariPanel™ Systems, architects and designers have the flexibility to mix and match panel profiles and colors according to their specific project requirements and aesthetic preferences. The system provides a range of panel options, each with its distinct design elements, such as ribbed, corrugated, angular or smooth patterns. This variety enables the creation of captivating facades that can enhance the overall appearance of any building.

The panels are precision-engineered and manufactured using high-quality metals, ensuring durability, weather resistance, and longevity. They are available in different dimensions, finishes, and color options, providing even more design choices to suit various architectural needs. Whether it’s a commercial building, residential project, or industrial facility, this system provides the freedom to experiment with different panel profiles, creating stunning visual effects and sophistication to the overall architectural design.

Our VariPanel™ Products

Our systems are specifically engineered to facilitate simple installation over just about any standard substrate, saving significantly from more complex systems installed over complicated lattices and framework. With popular colors, availability in most steel and aluminum gauges, unique and popular profiles, and installation simplicity, TitanTek panels provide the aesthetics for today’s architecture and achieve the right balance of quality, aesthetics, and price needed for today’s architecture and design professionals.

BOXRIB VariPanel™ System

The ribbed VariPanel System offers the profiles of a single batton combined with the aesthetic of a single, two, or three ribs. Use a single, all four, or any combination of these four panels to create a unique layout. All panels work together.

ANGULAR VariPanel™ System

The angular VariPanel System combines a unique convex and concave angled profile that looks amazing as individual panels or used together to create eye-catching depth and distinctive shadows.

HVP VariPanel™ System

The HVP VariPanel Systems offers the popular sloped profile based off traditional siding angles with distinctive reveals to create interesting aesthetic variation. These panels are popular for horizontal applications due to the water-friendly angle that won’t hold water or dirt.

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