HVP VariPanel™ Systems

VariPanel™ is a system of similar profile architectural metal claddings that can be used interchangeably, varied, staggered, or randomized by color or profile, allowing designers the freedom to create their own unique and durable exterior aesthetics.

The HVP VariPanel system features three (3) panel profiles with varying rib widths and consistent angled rib legs. Due to the water-friendly profile, these panels are generally used in a horizontal application. These panels can be used in an alternating pattern or randomized to create unique exterior dimensions and depth. With a vast assortment of colors and textured finished in 40-year PVDF coatings, use all three-panel profiles together or in any order to make your lasting, low-maintenance exterior stand out from the rest.

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VariPanel™ HVP 1

VariPanel™ HVP 1 (Profile)

VariPanel™ HVP 2

VariPanel™ HVP 2 (Profile)

VariPanel™ HVP 4

VariPanel™ HVP 4 (Profile)


Available in all TitanTek colors. Review our color chart here.

VariPanel Type Standard Widths Available Lengths Materials
HVP 1 15.625” 2-20 feet 24 GA, 22 GA | .040 Alum | .032 Alum
HVP 2 18.625” 2-20 feet 24 GA, 22 GA | .040 Alum | .032 Alum
HVP 4 17.25” 2-20 feet 24 GA, 22 GA | .040 Alum | .032 Alum


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